I am a Heilpraktikerin, a German profession licensed to practice by the public health department.

To obtain this licence, medical and naturopathic training must be completed. Heilpraktiker are qualified by law to work therapeutically and to diagnose.

In 1997 I moved to San Sebastian, where I have been working in my practice ever since.



Initiated Acupunture studies at Alberto Gonzalez School (Mexico) and  training courses from the José Padilla School (Spain).


Continued studies with Professor-Doctor Claus Schnorrenberger (supported by the China Medical College Taichung / Taiwán) and Japanese Acupuncture with Heribert Schmidt (Germany).


Teaching Chinese Acupuncture in a ten month education project in womens´ health. (Nicaragua).


Concluded Qi Gong teacher-training course with the Chinese Master Zheng Zhang in Freiburg (Germany).


Finalized Adult Education at the University of Ludwigsburg (Germany).


Concluded 30-month Shiatsu training course at the Yu Sen School in Freiburg (Germany).


Concluded two-year training program of Chinese herbs with Barbara Kirschbaum, “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Akupunktur und chinesische Medizin”. (Germany)


I specialized in Japanese acupuncture with Steven Birch and Junko Ida. This year I took part in the acupuncture training according to Dr. Manaka, after which I completed an internship in their clinic in Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Ended Toyohari non-needle insertion Japanese Acupuncture training. This training is carried out by the European division of the Japanese Toyohari Association (Steven Birch, Junko Ida, among others). (Netherland) I am a member of this association. There, I regularly take part in further training courses run by Japanese teachers. Since then, I have been on training trips to Japan.


I started a long-term Qi Gong training with Chinese master Guo Bingsen in the Fan Teng Gong and Nei Jing Gong styles.


Finalized advanced training course at Japanese Toyohari Association with the presentation of a pilot research project on tongue diagnosis employing the Toyohari method. Since then, I am registered as an “ Academic Toyohari Practicioner” in said association. (Japan/EBTA). This research yielded surprising and unexpected results about tongue changes during Toyohari therapy.


Passed Reconnection seminars Level I/II/III in Madrid with Dr. Eric Pearl and Master conference in Munich, Lynne Mc Taggart and Prof. Konstantin Korotkov. 


Timewaver Pro is part of my work in my clinic.

I studied the principles of quantum physics getting the diploma «Life scientist» at the German Institute Quantica. The Institute is scientifically advised by dr. Fritz Albert Popp and dr. Bishof Marco. Both recognized in the field of quantum physics. During this training I met Marcus Schmieke physicist and philosopher, professor at the Dev University of Sanskriti Haridwar, who conceived together with Burkhard Heim one radionicall device “Timewaver Pro “,

Trained in FEET or PHEET (physical-energetic-emotional-therapy) with Wolfgang Strasser in Austria. This is a very effective method combining East Asian Medicine with Kinesiology and NLP. It is based on Quantum Medicine.


I completed the training by the French Association AFMO for cellular Nutrition

I ended up the four training levels for TimeWaver PRO in Berlin with the final diploma.


After a collective process between all the foundation members we created ASYMI (association of health and integrative medicine)


In 2018-2019 I took part in various frequency and microcurrent trainings.

– With Nuno Nina from Lisbon (Portugal) on how to balance the biological terrain through frequencies.

– With Dr. Carolyn Mc Makin from Boston (U.S.A.) to study the FSM Core and Advanced formations, specific micro-frequencies methods for the treatment of various corporal tissue conditions.

– With HP Martina Kondritz from Cologne (Germany) I completed a global frequency and microcurrent training and successfully passed the final exam to become a Frequency and Microcurrent therapist.

Training in Levelwave, a new module of Timewaver Pro developed by the naturopath Dipl. Ing. Sabine Weber.


Further training in FSM with Florian Schöning from Timewaversport.


I am taking part in the basic training in alchemical medicine at the Askelpios Institute.